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Diaconal nursing in Finland: Theory and practice

Diaconal nursing holistically promotes health and welfare, while bolstering hope and a person’s resources. This publication describes the theory of diaconal nursing and the practice of Finnish diaconal nursing in healthcare and the church’s work.

The book covers the history, definition of concepts, education and various career paths of diaconal nursing, proceeding to a practical description of diaconal nursing and the environments and encounters in which diaconal work is performed.

The authors consider the dual qualification provided by nurse-deaconess education: its meaning; the opportunities it affords graduates; and future prospects. How is diaconal nursing competence identified and recognized? How can this competence be used in healthcare and parishes in the best possible way? This publication seeks answers to those questions.

The book’s authors are Finnish specialists in diaconal work, and particularly diaconal nursing, in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, parishes, society, nursing and education.